Hey all,

I used to use a DC Brick for my chain, but quit after dealing with about 6 months worth of hum (sort of a SSSSSSSSS) sound. I went to batteries, no problems.

I hate batteries.

Just got back from Guitar Center, where I picked up a Voodoo Labs Power Supply 2, which I was assured would fix the problem. No dice. The exact same noise.

My chain currently includes a Bad Horsie II, T-Rex tap delay, Boss TU 2, Boss Chorus Ensemble.

I've only had a chance to plug it into a solid state Marshall head at the moment, but my DC Brick produced the same sound in this head, my MESA ROADSTER, as well as my ENGL FIREBALL 100.

I've tried separate outlets near and far, same result. Tried narrowing down what pedal in my chain causes the hum, doesn't seem to matter which one or combination i'm using.

The only thing that I've noticed has any effect on the hum is my gain level. Marshall, I usually jam around 8 (of ten). Turn the gain down, the hum goes down. On my ENGL, always 5 (of 10). Haven't tried the Voodoo Labs on that yet, but the DC Brick had the same effect. Yes I play high gain, but I don't think that should matter.

Again, the noise is not there when plugged in direct, or when using the same chain with batteries.

Anybody have any thoughts or experience with this?
Well it's clearly not the brick or the pedals. It's possible you have a bad cable, pre amp tube, or pickup.
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Yeah, I thought that, except that I've now tried it out in 3 different amps, one of which is solid state. My cables are gold plated Planet Waves, relatively new, and I've tried both my ESP eclipse 1000 and my DBZ Bolero Banneret, and even my old passive Yamaha guitar. Nothing seems to change! :/
Indeed I have. All batteries, no noise. I'm starting to think that having noise is just in the nature of these multi power sources. I'm ready to give up here! I'll go take a pic of my current board setup and post it in a minute.
Add up the current draw of all your pedals and then subtract that figure from the current rating on the supply. What do you get?
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