I am about to put a post on Craigslist selling a Boss NS-2 noise suppressor. I have used it two times, so it is like new. I have a fresh battery in it, it has no dust, and all manuals and box are included. How much do you think I would be able to sell it for? (Its retail is $110)
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I'm a noob.
Why not take it back to the store you bought it from, and return it for a full refund?
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I would sell it for $80 considering it's basically brand new with no damages of any sort. The buyer saves $30 and if your honest about the condition, the buyer should have no reason not to buy it and save money.
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My general policy for buying stuff (that I can see in-person and play), the absolute most I would pay for something used is 70% of brand new price. (so about 75 bucks for you). And that would be brand new, no cosmetic or internal issues, and the box/papers/etc (which it sounds like you have, great). In this market, people are looking for steals, not deals. A brand spanking new NS-2 might be somewhat hard to sell because I see beat up ones that still work fine in music stores for much less. Best of luck to you (and lesson learned, find a place to keep receipts, even for stuff you think you'll be keeping).
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