There are 2 vocals in this song: one is my conscience and the one in parenthesis is me.

You stupid (f*** you) you shoulda killed her
I don't give a f*** if you stab or shoot her as long as she dies
(why do you always resort to crime)
Why am I always the bad guy I'm the one that sticks up for you all the time
(well I dont want you to I'm fine)
Who else is going to do it your damn self?
(your damn right)
That's funny cause you can't even fight
(f*** you I'm ready to die anyway)
Is it cause everybody makes fun of you for being gay
(I'm not)
****** you don't deserve to die that's why I'm here to save your life

I think I'm having a panic attack trying to give guidance to this maniac
( your telling me the wrong s***)
you couldnt even give her the good d*** thats why she's gone
(no you made me talk to her wrong)
I didn't make you do s***
(yeah huh your the one that makes my mind click)
Your sick in the head
You suck d*** in bed
You can't give head
Your better off dead
(f*** you give me my mind back before I kill us both with this rope!)
You think I'm scared? Your the one thatll get hurt i don't even care!
(I'm doing it)
Than do it b****! A suicidal mind is hard to please it's like the clitoris..