Alright, so i recently purchased a new Jackson WRXT warrior and im looking to replace the god awful duncan designed detonators that came stock on it. Im looking for high output passive pickups that have great lows that aren't muddy and screaming highs that aren't shrill. I mostly play rock and Metal (AC/DC, Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Dream Theater)

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks


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Bare Knuckle Pickups, look at some demos, I guarantee you'll find ones that you like.
Seymour duncan JB-Jazz combo? I'm pretty sure dave mustaine used one of those on Rust in Peace, and his liveiwre set is pretty much an active JB (in the bridge anyway).
Otherwise, a set of SD distortions - my kelly came with detonators and that's the swap i made.
What's your budget? There's everything from $150 each Bareknuckles to $25 each GFS pickups.
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u can try a dime bucker in the bridge if u want a really brutal bridge pup, tho i've never played it. maybe a pettrucci setup would do you well, (dimarzio crunch lab (bridge) and liquefire (neck))
Yeah, we need to know your budget. But some pickup manufacturers that you can have a look at (Ones that I remember):

RockMonkey Guitars
Shed Pickups
Bulldog Pickups
Catwhisker Pickups
WCR pickups
High Order Pickups
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