Here's a little thing I wrote, I'm posting it just for curiosity. It's called "13 March"

Keep in mind two things: 1) english is not my language 2) this stuff is adapted from italian so there's *surely* something off.

« when there's no harm in no trying
shut doors have no locks near
and if courage loses its voice
faith must be greater than fear

you only need what you really want
all the rest is just a compromise
you can't fill the ocean with some drops
a meaningless story is celebrated when it dies »

theoretically there are two more verses but i just can't adapt them. next time i'll write directly in english IF I don't suck too much
Fell free to tell me if I better stick to italian with all my vowel-ending words and funny accent and pizzas
Actually, especially considering English isn't your second language, this is pretty good. I really liked the second verse, so much so, that if I were in your position, I would rewrite the first. The ideas presented in the second verse are much more complex than those in the first. Also, it is very lacking in terms of length if this is to be a full song, I would imagine the other two verses to be quite essential to the work.