Please can you give some feedback on my new cover, bearing in mind I'm a guitarist who has played drums since the start of the year and that's not been serious so feedback and advice would be really great guys.


And yes the editing with the syncing got messed up by youtube which is very annoying as it makes me look shit when I'm not that shit.
Pretty good overall, parts of it get a little sloppy/out of time, but some time with the metronome will sort that out

I would say that I think you should tilt your snare so it is flat or facing towards you slightly. It will help with rebound and from the video it looks like your hitting it at an awkward angle.
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Ah right yeah well also I had trouble editing it at some points it synced well but at other points it's out of sync but yeah my timing does need improvement.

And well it's not my drum kit as it's my brothers but I will ask him to do that, and also just a random question but because the double bass pedal I have at the moment is rubbish and keeps braking, my brother was thinking about getting a new bass drum instead of a new bass pedal, is this better or not and with space we're fine.
You mean so you have 2 bass drums opposed to a double pedal on a single bass drum? Dave Lombardo swears by doing it this way and he has a lot of experience so I trust him

I personally would just get a double pedal, because I would find it a pain trying to keep both bass drums in tune with each other, and it would mess up how I set up my kit. But thats more of a personal thing, if you want to go for it
Spiraling Up Through the Crack in the Sky...

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I'd hold off on the whole double pedal thing for a while. You are doing pretty good, considering how long you have played, but you still need to practice your more basic stuff and clean up your playing so that it's smoother. Once you have that down then spring for the double pedal. In the meantime you can still practice double pedal techniques with your hi hat. I've seen many double peddle drummers using hi hat instead of the extra bass and it sounds really cool.
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Spring for a nice single pedal and lay off the double for a bit. You will be amazed the difference a nice pedal can make.

Covers are great, and certaintly a lot of fun, but you shouldn't make them a majority of your practice time. I am a rudiment Nazi, so I will preach the necessity of rudiments. Think of them like chord shapes, very usefull and a pretty good place to start.

Also, as Skinny said, pick up a metronome. The ability to keep time is far more important than any chops you can develop.