Hey guys, this is I think my 4th song and I'm quite proud because from inception to recording, mastering and making the video was done in less than a day!

The song is about the morality of using nuclear devices.

Tell me what you honestly think and as always C4C. Even if you dont like the music, I think you'll at least enjoy the video


Thanks in advance!
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Hey dude, great song!!! I love the beat. the drum beat in the beginning is awesome, I really like how the speech fits the speech (I love metal songs that start with that kind of stuff. so just hearing that in the beginning made me go awesome) The riffs afterward are really cool too. Good job overall. Im listening to it for the second time now.

love the intro too. being a fan of the joe satriani song of the same title, i thought id give it a look, but right off the bat yours set itself apart from so many other things ive heard just by the way the intro flows. it ends at the perfect time, and the building intro becomes all the more powerful as it comes in after mr Oppenheimer's words. im not huge into metal so i dont have a whole heck of a lot of background but your licks sound real tight and progress well. joe's song has a much different feel too it so it was cool to hear another persons take on more or less the same starting point. check it out if youre interested, its pretty cool.

dont worry about c4c, i was just checking this out for my own enjoyment. if you want to visit my youtube channel i have some originals here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Jmako7?feature=mhum . nothing in the way of metal if thats your sole cup of tea though so i wont be offended if you dont stop by. thanks for the cool jam
cool atmosphere. i did like the main riff, but i was hoping the song would introduce more motifs or maybe even just a key change, being a full length song. you did well in developing the idea though.
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Ah nice one! I was actually hoping that the song went into the direction that it did. I am a sucker for atmosphere and feel. But after listening to it a few times I think a contrasting section would do the song some good. But on a good note, I really do love the groove and feel of the tune.
Loved it. The drums fit perfectly and had a great tone. I use a UX2 with varying degrees of success, but whatever you did - it sounded great. The images in your video were very compelling (nuclear explosions are kinda like watching tornadoes, aren't they?), and the reference to Oppenheimer is thoughtful and intelligent.

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Imcd its tough to write about these touchy subjects while bieng still tasteful. That song was wonderful, was that your actual voice? Amazing!
2/17/08 Kosova's independence!!!
I really like your intro, love songs that start with quotes or spoken lines. Your guitar riffs are great, your drums fit this song perfectly and they sound real, i can't describe how much i hate shallow sounding drums, that's why i rarely use drum midis or anything, anyway, great job with the song, and i thoroughly enjoyed the video you made for it

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Very interesting, loved Oppenheimer at the beginning, fantastic quote and it fitted it quite well. Guitar has some very interesting unique riffs at the beginning after the quote, and I think you should try and expanding them more rather than playing them a few times and moving on.
I think you could also try improving production wise, like bringing out the guitars more to make it a really solid metal track, maybe some EQ and compression.

Overall though, pretty good sounding and the drums were nice too, well done.

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Wasn't expecting to like, but I did.

I also listened through and enjoyed your other uploads.

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Uhhh... well, this is the same figure over and over again. If it was half the length it could serve as an intro to a thrash/death metal CD. I don't think the idea is strong enough to be an independent song, to be honest with you.

All in all, it'd be cool as an intro.

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the drums were awesome. I felt like the toms could be a little bit more boomy. I really like how the bass and toms fit together. I think the guitar line mirrors the bass too much/for too long. The recording quality could definitely improve, but overall the tone is great, and so is the playing.
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Ok some critisims...

Same drum beat got old, didnt change up too much (not very experimental if you ask me)
I think you should put more time into this with some different grooves and make it a more complete song. video was good and went with the theme of the song.

honestly, for one day it was really good, just put some time into it and make it great.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1475851
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Wasn't bad, but it needs to get mixed up a bit more. I liked the build up, but it felt like it just kind of stayed there once it got to that level. A big, explosive chorus would be cool to go along with all of the imagery. A nice strong main melody wouldn't hurt either....and solos. I don't know when people stopped putting solos in metal; but it's not metal without at least one imo. Doesn't have to be super technical: it just needs to have some nice, strong melodies with some solid vibrato.