what do most of you people more tech savvy about EMGs think of a EMG 89XR (neck) and EMG 81TWX (bridge) set for a slamming brutal pornogore deathgrind (and sometimes technical death metal) player to put in on the white tribal blades warlock?

the bridge PUP on it is busted and ive been considering getting EMGs for a while now and would like to put some in. i figure the two ive chosen give it more flexibility sense they are push/pull pots for dual tone and retain aggressiveness.
without being too generic like the whole EMG 81&85 combo EVERY ONE that gets active EMG's seem to do.
its simply overdone for one, and id rather the most flexibility to mix up a few tonal possibilities.

also i cant seem to find a solder-less 3 way toggle switch that will fit.
i need a solder-less like this:

but i can only find solder-less like this one:

so id have to solder from the buss to the switch i already have or is there an alternative method without soldering?

thank you for reading, thoughts and opinions?
bc rich white tribal blades warlock tuned and gauged:
line 6 spider 2 150 watt dual amp
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