I want to get a 25" scale length PRS set up for DADadd tuning (Open D5?) which is basically this:

d - E string lowered to a D
d - B string raised to the exact same D as above
a - G string raised to A
D \
A - like Drop D on the bottom 3 strings.
D /

With a typical set of 10's the 1st string is a little loose, the 2nd is extremely tight, the 3rd is also rather tight, and the 6th is loose. I want to correct this imbalance in tension by custom ordering a set of strings dedicated for this specific tuning. This is what I had been thinking of using:

d - .11
d - .11
a - .14
D - .26
A - .36
D - .49

Do these gauges sound like it would work well for this tuning, or do you recommend I use something else?
UM bro. any string gauge. You could use regualr string gauges and acheive this tuning.
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