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Been a long while since I've been on le forums. Anyway, I'd appreciate a few pointers in terms of production and songwriting. I use COCKOS REAPER with EZDrummer/Drumkit From Hell. To record the guitar I split my Line6's direct out signal into another amp for monitoring and straight into my PC.

So, how did I do?
Interesting, very hard hitting and in your face, I cant crit on the vocals because its not my style but the riffwork is very good and the structure flows well. Very well mastered I have a similar recording set up(besides the ezdrummer) and usually I dont get this good quality, Good job!
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Great song, everything flows super well and your riffing is 100% legit. Solo is amazing, you got skill. Like that guy said, real fine mastering and I also have a way similar setup but can't get this kind of result. I love the vocals, they fit the song well and make it more catchy. could you maybe tell me what settings you use with DFH? Sounds real good

The song is pretty cool guitar-wise. I dig the feel of the guitars, pretty cool. They have a tad too much lowend IMO, but it still fits the feel of the song well enough to leave it up to taste.

The vocals need work. Might just be your mixing on them, but they sound really distant to me. Probably too much reverb/delay. I like my screams to be in your face, the way they're mixed makes it sound more like black metal, which I don't think is what you were going for with the instrumental?

The snare is pretty nice for EZ Drummer, a bit too much snap on the kick for my liking, but it cuts nicely that way. The cymbals are getting buried in the mix most of the time, especially the hi-hat, it just sounds like randomly clanking metal.
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I don't like growls/screams in general, so I won't say anything bad about them.

But other then that, I love it. Very nice riffs.
Wow. That was pretty amazing. It sounded very professional. Production-wise there really isn't much to say but the vocals seemed a little faint. I actually have to disagree with MatrixClaw, IMO the vocals sound good distant, it gives the song a bit of nuance since this type of metal usually has them very up-front, makes it sound kind of distinct. They might just need to be a bit louder.

I love the riffing, it was very tight. The only part I don't like is at around 3 minutes where it goes into that different rhythm with the drums. Its a good idea for a riff but I think it's either the placing or the delivery that disrupts the flow of the song a little. Maybe some pinch harmonics or something like that could it that extra edge.

The only other thing, just a matter of preference, is that I don't like where the song ends, the fade seems a little abrupt and I'd have like to hear vocals come back in with something (even if just screams or wails).

All-around great work. I didn't think a home-recording with DI could sound this good. What kind of amp did you use, was it a line 6 like the fender mustang with modeled sounds?