Hey guys i just got a new gibson les paul traditional pro and ive had it now for about three weeks and ive noticed now that when i hit any solitary not on any srtring (not mutiple strings 1 string) it rings out like when you tune a guitar by ear and listen for the sound sort of pulsing. It's making that pulsing sound. its in tune the intonation is good so ive had some people tell me it could be the pickup height, is this my problem? thanks guys!
I think ive read some where that when the string moves in and out of a magnetic field the pickup pulling on it makes the note sharper because of its pull. Also if the string is moving in and out of the magnetic field i think that would add to the sustain because the pickups are helping to keep the string vibrating.
i tried it and it didnt work mabey both of them together are doing it
Does it happen with any note? Or just specific ones?
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Depends, I don't know what pickups go good with plywood. EMGs will make it sound like every other EMG guitar though.

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it needs a silver flakes
and sara underwood