Yeah, another thread.

Budget: $250 - 300

Genres: Death, Melo-Death; stuff like Wintersun, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth etc...occasionally I'll play the odd rock song or metal song like AC/DC, Iron Maiden etc so cleans would be a nice option but mostly good distortion....

New or Used: Preferably new unless there is a better one that I could get cheaper used and it would be in decent condition

Home or Gig: Versatility would be great.

Closest City: Sarnia, Ont. It's a border city so Michigan is two steps from my house. There is a Guitar Center there as well....

Current Gear: Playing out of a 10W Fender starter amp and a Boss SD Overdrive pedal. Fender Strat guitar (will be replacing it soon enough but that's another matter). Hopefully I could trade both of those pieces in (amp and pedal) for a discount or something like that but if not the budget will stand at where it's at...

Thanks for any replies and the help guys.
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u'll get maybe 20 bucks out of that amp and peda, ur better off holding onto the pedal. for that kind of price you really don't have too many options... preferably a tube would be the best thing for you but at this price you won't really find much for that. my suggestion would be to save up just a bit more and go for a jet city 20 or 50 combo. that will be plenty for you to gig with. the amp as is should be able to produce classic rock tones pretty well but for the amon amarth kinda stuff your gonna need to put a pedal in front of it. i use an mxr full bore and that will give you all the gain you'll ever want and then some. i would suggest that or put an overdrive over an already dirty channel such as a full tone ocd.

if you really don't want to save up and want try versatility check out the fender mustang series. the mustang 3 is 100w (solid state) and will be loud enough to gig with. it is a solid state modeling amp but by far one of the best, inexpensive modelers u will find. it has amazing tone and you can also use fender's free software, FUSE. you'll be able to plug ur amp into a computer and manipulate tone, amp models, and effects from your computer and also have access to backing tracks, playing songs thru the speaker to play along with, and recording using something like garage band.

personally, i would recommend going with the jet city because i think you will be happier in the long run, but the mustang is not a bad option if you want to play it safe and have 100% versatility
Okay, I really like the idea of the Fender Mustang III. My friend told me just to get a Line 6 Pod but after looking around the site the amp seems to get bashed a lot so I am assuming I shouldn't get it?
the mustang and g-dec r the ONLY modeling amps i would ever buy. actually, let me try that one again, i do not like line 6 with one exception (the mk2 valve 100w head). and here is my reasoning for not liking modeling amps: they are mediocre at doing a lot of things as opposed to a nice tube amp that is great at sounding like only 1 amp. modeling amps are great for beginners or if u need something for a college dorm room if you simply don't have the space or capacity to play loud for a tube amp.

nonetheless, the mustang and g-dec have great tone for modeling amps and the free software is great. the line 6 spider amps r straight awful. also, i can't speak for the mustang as i've never really cranked one, but i had issues with my 75w peavey vypyr just sounding like shit at higher volumes. so i would recommend you test one out and just crank it in the music store until you get yelled at to turn it down.

a tube amp however is always going to sound at its best when your really cranking it.

so again, personally i'd recommend the jet city but if you want straight up versatility and don't mind a solid state modeler, go for the mustang
I don't think the jet city will have enough gain for what you want to do. On your budget, see if you can get a used peavey vypyr 60W (the tube one). I saw a couple on guitarcenter.com's used section for $299, it's a versatile amp, doesn't have all the recording stuff that the g-dec has but it has a better tone imo. Plus it shouldn't sound like crap at high volume like andre's 75W since it has a tube power section.
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i haven't personally played the tube version of the vypyr so I'm going to respect their opinions on it and hope they had good luck with them. in the way of a tube modeler i personally favor the line 6 mk2 valve hd100. i hate line 6 products with a passion but that thing has some seriously good tone if your willing to put down a little more money.

however, i recommended the jet city because it will be able to do iron maiden ish types of stuff cranked and then you could easily push it over the edge for a metal tone with a nice OD. to put it in perspective, zacky vengeance is now touring with a jet city amp in his rig