I'm going to school for music because I love it, but don't see myself as a performer. I want to do some behind the scenes stuff. So, what jobs are in the music industry and what do they entail?
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I have a friend that is a transcriber. He listens to songs and then writes them down on sheet music for touring musicians .

Or you could be a teacher.
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this site has a list of music careers with information on each.
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How about band groupie TS?
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Live sound engineer, sound designer, technician... I'm going for Music Production and have touched on theory, composition, computer sciences, daw's, music history..... there is a lot to choose from in the industry.
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Entertainment law. Its something that NEVER comes up on UG when this question is asked.

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There are a million things that go into making sure a band releases their album, gets promoted and marketed and tours. Each thing is a job. It has alot of the same responsibilities as most industries that have products to sell