So pit, what kind of notebook do you write your songs in? Spiral? Leather bound tome? A roll of toilet paper? I use a plain old composition book atm, but it's almost full.

I'd rather have one giant notebook for the rest of my life, but those are hard to come by. Discussion commence!
Truthfully, it's mostly my laptop.

Ideally, it's a spiral without a screen on it.
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I like those tiny memo pads. They fill up quick but I can easily carry them around.
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I like to use 3"x5" index cards to write down riffs. They're scattered all over my room.
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usually for recording things at a moments notice Ill use my phones sound recorder, then once I have it in my head Ill pick a nickname for it and write it down in a spiral notebook and usually throw it in my guitar case for future refrence
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