hey guys
I've covered Throes of Perdition by Trivium
the quality is not the best, but I tried (no matt's voice except for the growling part: there's a little of matt and noise in there lol)
was kinda tired in the end from yelling for an hour before
also this one has much more clean parts!

please tell me what you think!

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Wish I could offer more constructive criticism, but I can't :/ I thought it was quite decent.

Just a question though: you have your vocal track layered? I felt like sometimes I heard two voices, and I was wondering if they are both yours or the original vocal track.
I ill preface that I do not work with a lot of hard rock and metal performers, but your voice sound good for the genre. Just a note on words like eye when you are singing in the beginning before the growl comes in. Think more of singing "ah".

The vowels sound "i" (eye) is actually two vowel sounds together "ah" + "ee". It's important to make sure you start with that "ah" sound first.