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just quit.
3 27%
It was Okaaaaaaay...
6 55%
pretty sick!
2 18%
wtf make a cd!
0 0%
Voters: 11.
Thanks. Nope, they're hammers pulls and taps.

edit: correction to myself, there are sweeps in it also. just i didn't really remember fully when i replied heh. thanks man
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Quote by touke
Thanks. Nope, they're hammers pulls and taps.

Haha, they just sounded really smooth so I wasn't sure. Either way, it's awesome.
Quote by BurningTurkey
i dont know if i should vote sarcastically or honestly. so. nice job.

i'm not serious about the poll. don't even know why i didn't just put up numbers, let alone put up a poll in the first place. :O!

just some crit is fine hehe
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Very good but it would be much better with lyrics, good work though very tight playing, i like the layering of the guitars. might be my speakers but I dont like the drums so much. the phaser is pretty cool too


i think a phaser was on through the whole song on the first recording, which is a complete accident. I haven't saved any presets on my Peavey yet so I just used some factory thingy.. Only the transition towards the end should be phaser/flanger or whatever it is