Alright so I'm recording an acoustic version of a song I wrote.. It goes great, I actually really enjoy it. So I go on to do an electric version and I LOVE it, every single bit.. Until I get to vocals.. For some reason I can't seem to get my vocals to blend and sit well in my song... Is it because of the way I sing? is there some mixing techniques I can try? When I put my singing on solo, I think it sounds just fine but then right when I turn on the music it suddenly loses it's "fullness" and just becomes something uninteresting on top of my music. Any help is appreciated!! I do Pop/Punk music and I wanna get a vibrato because I feel like it sounds better with a little vibrato at the end of a phrase, any tips on how to develop my vibrato, I'm 16 in a couple months, will I have to wait longer before I get that vibrato? How do I get it? All advice is appreciated
It's really hard to give advice in a vacuum. Can you share the recordings with us so we can hear what you're talking about?
Unfortunately all I am able to post at the moment is the one acoustic on there which i already like so no sorry 'bout that! But if you have any general suggestions those would be good
I get what you mean man but it might simply just be a case of not liking the sound of your voice in general when put into music which is a very common thing. Its possibly that you could be straining your voice a bit. Try recording a version of it with the guitar tuned a half step down and sing to that.
Mixing vocals so that they stand out against a full band is a challenge. But also, in some ways it's a different skill.

Spend some time listening to what singers you like are doing in the context of a full band. Notice what they're doing differently. If you're doing the same thing, you shouldn't EXPECT it to sound just as good.

Mixing wise, you could try throwing a little compression on it, which might help. But mostly I think you need to re-envision your vocal approach to the song. The fact that you like your vocal solo'd may well just mean that you're doing an acoustic-style performance which doesn't hold up.

Being a rock singer is hard.
Vibrato has nothing to do with age. My eleven year old does it just fine.

It has everything to do with technique.

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