I'm visiting the states in two weeks, buying a few guitars off of eBay and am bringing them back to Europe. I'll carry them in a gig bag for two guitars. I can't take two hard shell cases on the plane, they count as luggage (you can only have one suitcase or the like on this flight) and will attract the attention of customs officers back in my local airport, so if I get unlucky I might actually have to declare my guitars and pay import tax and shizz. A gig bag will count as carry-on and I've never even had to open a a gigbag to show what's inside when passing customs.

So basically this means I'll have two Ibanez hard shell cases in Bergen County, NJ. What's the easiest way to sell them? I'll only be in the US for 10 days. I'm not looking to maximize profit, just don't wanna leave them lying around at my cousin's place and absolutely don't want to throw them away. Do you think Guitar Center or Sam Ash will buy them off of me or maybe exchange them for merch?
depends on what the model and brand is. Ill take them off your hands for free haha i could use a new case. but really ebay is a good bet if you have the time
Heh, obviously they're worth something..I'd just leave them on the street corner if I wanted to give them away They do seem to go for around $100 on ebay. Ebay might be doable, I do have Paypal after all and there's a USPS place a mile away from where I'm staying.

Local pickup can be a bit tricky to arrange as calling my phone costs both the caller and me something like $2 a minute since it's in roaming mode. Plus when they see a foreign number they'll think it's a scam or something :P
Guitar Center will probably be willing to write you a check/give you store credit if you take the cases in there. I know my local GC does a good bit of trade-in stuff. Just clean the cases up nicely and hopefully they're popular Ibanez models.
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I think ebay is your best bet, but I think that craigslist is good too.

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craigslist or ebay.

guitar center probably wont buy them. if so they might offer you like 5 dollars for it. think about it. they have cases all over the store that are shiny and new and waiting to be sold. when someone comes in to buy a new guitar they dont want gc to throw in an old used case. gc wont be able to make profit off it.

i tried to sell them a rack case along with some rack gear once and they said just go ahead and keep the rack case because theyd only give me like 50 cents for it. they just dont want cases lol
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They'll most likely be Ibanez M100C (RG, Jem, Saber) cases...only one guitar bought so far, that one came with M100C. Stalking ebay for another guitar all the time.

I guess I'll just list them on ebay and CL both cheap just to cover some expenses quickly. Heh, so anyone looking for one, point your browsers to ebay in two weeks

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