hey guys, i purchased a line 6 pod hd (bean) today. I came home, set it up and a error saying "unable to detect driver" appeared. Has anyone else had this problem ?

Im currently using windows 7, my laptop is a toshiba satellite.
Have you gone on the Line 6 website and downloaded the latest drivers?
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i downloaded the Gearbox, and the driver. still not working
I had the same thing. Dunno if this works for you but it did for me.

When you plug the USB cable (I assume) of the POD into your computer, make sure you install it properly. If you just have it plugged in and ignored the messages/pop-ups/signs-in-the-bottom-right-corner windows might restrict or from everything (or something). So make sure you install it properly.
i have no idea how, but its working now lol. cheers anyways guys
Maybe it had not fully finished installing the drivers
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