I'm not entirely sure if this is the right thread, but I figure that the "building and customizing" thread would be full of people who may be able to help me out with this...

I have a classical guitar with 2 small problems.

1) There's a buzz on the 5th fret of the high E string. Just a slight buzz when the string's played and held down at 5th fret. It looks to me like the string is just touching the 6th fret-wire. Can this be fixed?

2) I has a tuner built in, like many semi acoustics, but whether I use it, or tune by ear, it will appear to be in tune and then when I do octave shapes up around 7th fret, it sounds quite out of tune. Also when I play power chords (on the A string) and use open strings, it sounds out of tune. But then when I use the tuner or tune by ear (by playing each string at the 5th and 4th frets), it appears to be perfectly in tune. I've checked to make sure I'm not bending the strings etc., so my conclusion is that it's the guitar - not me. Also, if I hold the octave shapes at 7th fret and tune the whole guitar that way, it will sound out of tune when I'm playing chords around frets 1-3.

Can anyone help me?

afaik this should go to acustic or electric guitar forum
(it would also be helpful for us to know what kind of guitar you have, what bridge you have mounted on it, etc.)
edit: nvm that, i missed the 'classical guitar' part in you post ><

but to you question:

1) yes, try raising action slightly on the high E string, that should do the trick. For this you'll probably have to remove the saddle and put something underneath it to make it a little higher (or get new saddle). I don't think there's any other way to do that.

2) your intonation seems to be off, you need to set it properly which i don't know how to do on classical guitar. Well except repositioning the bridge, that would be PITA.
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I found a fret setting punch on e-bay to fix an sg jr that the frets had lifted on. It cost me 20 bucks, made from brass. Worked GREAT. Didn't even have to take the strings off or anything. Has a notch on it that the fret sits in, and you just tap it with a hammer.
As far as intonation goes, you may not have the same string guage that the thing came with. Changing string sizes DOES affect intonation. Tray a different set, that might help.
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