Hey guys,

So I'm interested in building my own clones of pedals, and perhaps modifying them. Except I have a very basic understanding of electronics (i minored in physics at university, but i spent most of my time at the pub so it doesn't really help). There are some UGers who seem insanely knowledgeable at this kind of stuff.

I'm just wondering - how did they/you learn electronics and to clone and mod pedals? And are there any beginners guides out there to help me learn the same? I'm talking about electronic guides on the internet, generally or in relation to pedals?

Thanks for listening!
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Modding and cloning is easy, learn how to solder, copy other peoples' ideas. Creating your own mods and designs is harder. Check out the website Geofex.com, as well as the "technology of..." articles. http://www.muzique.com/ Pick up Electronic Projects For Musicians by Craig Anderton, too. http://sound.westhost.com/articles.htm That's another great site, if you don't know how to read schematics, that's your first step. Google anything specific you are looking for, and add geofex at the end, more than likely, he'll have written something on it already.