Looking for a cheap but good guitar as a kinda backup acoustic definitely not main axe.
Hey guys just wanted to know your opinion on this guitar, I know this is an Asia-Australia thing with Takamine bat anyway acoustic electric, solid spruce top, auditorium-ish shape etc. etc. now it's closest counterpart i can see is an EG440C that has basically less glamorous hardware and design. now you can check out all its specs on the site, but the thing is I cant try it thoroughly yet, but I can get it for 50% off so is it a good buy for about 200 USD?
Just opinions while I wait till I can try it out.
And I have to make my own UG account -_- sa damn lazy =))
If you can get 50% off, it's definitely a good buy. I used to have a Takamine 12 string and thought it was excellent - regret selling it, but I needed the money at the time. I'd certainly buy another Takamine.

Have you checked UG's review section to see what other people think of it?
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Yeah i did check it but i couldnt find the exact model, but a similar one i did find so far it seems positive. thanks for the reply though. too bad on the 12 string btw
EDIT: Found review all seems well which is great but i really need to hold that axe soon =D
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