hi all,

i have a fender blues jr amp and would like to hear some technical info and advices about this pedal setup thigs which i am not familiar enough.

i am using a distortion pedal like this order guitar -> distortion -> amp. there are no other pedals inbetween and amp's gain is at 12.

so it becomes something like this guitar - distortion - overdrive. the question is here i am putting distortion before overdrive, is this true cos i feel like there's something wrong about the sound and i think this order is the reason. do i need a overdrive pedal before distortion and ignore amp's gain knob.

summary: Is distortion before overdrive wrong?

all comments and advices are welcome
There is no "WAY TO" set up a pedal board. You set it up like you want gettng the tone you are looking for. The "NORM" for pedalboards pretty much follow the one shown below but again it is totally up to you.
Guitar > Tuner > Wah > Compressor > Overdrive > (Fuzz - Distortion) > If you have a loop on your amp then the above goes into the loop. Now coming from the loop you have these > MODULATION (Flanger, Phaser, Chorus,etc) > Then comes VOLUME > And finally Delay and Reverb. Than back into the amp.
(Blues Jr. does not have a loop so go from distortion to Modulation). Again though this is NOT THE WAY TO DO IT. This is just a basic guide. Set yours up like you like it.
There are alot of people that will use the Fuzz pedals in front of overdrive. When I use it this way the volumes will be cut back, but a straight up Distortion pedal I would run BEHIND the overdrive and use alot of gain and volume. With my Blues Jr. the amp gain needs to be minimal if cranking up the pedals. One last thing I never had a good tone coming from an extreme distortion (i.e. Metal Zone, etc) going into the Blues Jr.
Hope this helps.

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you usually run an overdrive into distortion. running a distortion into an overdrive usually kills the character of the distortion and makes it sound like that overdrive, only noisy and crap. however, running an overdrive into distortion will give your distortion more gain and probably tighten it up, depending on what overdrive you're using.

however there are some exceptions, and that comes with running the overdrive as a boost, not as an overdrive (i.e. level up high, gain down low, and EQ to taste). that tends to refine the distortion.

so it's really how you go about it all.

the long and the short of it is a cranked distortion going into a cranked overdrive will sound shit. if you're running these boxes together, one of them has to be set to minimum gain.
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even with stacking ODs you have to be careful with your levels and gains, otherwise you get that really mushy, buzzy pus-like yuk tone. and i got that from stacking really boutique ODs.