Well I'm in the market for a Gibson- esque guitar for a second guitar. I played both the Gibson Dot ES-335 and a Gibson Custom 1959 reissue. I liked the feel, I liked the sound, but they weren't so good that I would pay $3000 and $6000, respectively. A guitar just isnt worth that to me.

So I've been looking at alternatives like Agile and Epiphone. The LP's from Epi seemed quite decent, I havnt played one, I've only been doing my research for awhile, looking at reviews and listening on YouTube. As did the Dot, ES- 175, and Sheraton.

On the Agile side, the Dauntless seems to be mostly what I want and nothing I don't, specs wise. It's only $280. The AL- 3000 series is still cheaper than an Epi LP standard, at $380, and I've heard agile get good reviews here.

This guitar will be used to play Old Country, Electric Blues, and Classic Hard Rock. My other gear is in my sig. I am in America. I would expect and be willing to make some upgrades (pups, nut, etc.) What do you all think? How do the two brands compare quality wise?
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Epiphone seems to be decent these days. I played a Dot and a LP Standard Plus-top and they both seemed like good guitars for the price. But their quality control still isn't quite up there with other brands. My local shop told me that 3 to 4 out of 5 Epiphones get returned because of production flaws. So the good ones will be fine, but buying online or second hand could be really tricky.

The Chinese factories have improved over the last few years, but really do try before you buy. Agile's aren't really an option for me, but I've heard that they are great value for money if you live in the US.

I might pick up a cherry Dot or an ebony Sheraton in two weeks.
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I'm partial to Epiphone myself for the same reasons. Recently bought a honeyburst Epiphone Nighthawk. It's a great guitar at a great price. Love the feel of it and it sounds good. Looking to get an Epi Les Paul as soon as I have some extra funding (housework comes first) in the trans-blue finish.
You could buy an used MIK Sheraton II with some upgrades if you can find one.

I love my Epi, it sounds great, looks great and plays great, but it is a signature model, so it already has some upgrades over the normal Epis (Gibson P-94 pickups, Corian Nut and made in Korea)
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There are Epiphone Elitist Casino models and there is the Gibson Midtown standard in the >1000$ range, but not quite as expensive as the CustomShop ones you tried, but much much better than what you are looking at.
Agile and Epiphone...

Similar guitars made in similar (in some cases the same) factories with similar working conditions and similar materials.

Agiles are generally cheaper than comparable guitars from bigger brand names because Kurt buys them from the factory and sells them, as opposed to Epiphone buying them from a factory, then selling them to a retail store, then having that retail store sell it to you.