Nice. Veeeery nice
What does c4c mean btw?
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Thanx .It means critics for critics : you criticize me ,and then I criticise you if you let the link for the topic to listen to ....(sorry if I made some mistakes in english ,I'm french and never used to write in english by the way )
Thanks a lot .Drums sounds are not mine,the backing track is a robben Ford's one I suppose ,but i'm not sure of it ,I don't know where the backing track is from ,but I guess it's a robben Ford one .
Wow, that's seriously impressive guitar skills! Since you are far better than me, I can't find anything to crit there. Now I know 2 French guys on ultimate-guitar, and they're both amazing guitarists. I gave you a well-deserved rating.

If you have a moment, please have a listen to "My Guide": http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Delfius/

Great slide playing, I'm terrible at slide but you seem very good at it. Timing is really tight and solid. Lead and rhythm guitar are both very well played. Drums are tight and perfect for the genre.
If you have any other material you want me to check out as well I will.
American Circus
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slide playing is really difficult indeed .When I play with a bottleneck I stay in regular tuning,I've never tried to play in open tuning,but maybe someday i'll try it,but it must be hard to figure out the scales with another tuning ...I will listen to your link and let you a critic .