So I'm looking to get a new amp head and cab. I play a lot of stuff that I want to be able to go from clean to distortion within the same song. I would prefer it having two channels and it being tube. The problem that I am having is it seems really hard to get both crystal cleans and a good distortion in the same head.

I was looking at the Orange Dual Terror, but from all the reviews I've read the clean is very week on it and has no headroom once you get it. So playing with a drummer would be a problem. I was also looking at the Vox Night Train 50, but I feel like i may run into the same thing.

I had recently bought a Peavey Value King 100w. The cleans were AWESOME and exactly what I was looking for, but I could never get the distortion to clean up. It always had a very muddy sound to it. And every time anything got picked it was blurred and lost in the muddy distortion. I honestly dont know if this was me being an amateur or the product itself. It was also being played through the Value King cab, which has peavey speakers in it and not Celestions. The cab I'm going to go with now is Avatar or Whitebox with Celestion Vin 30s.

I am currently playing through a mic'ed VOX VT100, but once again the cleans are not what I want. I want the cleans from the PVK with the distortion that I get now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have about $800-900 to spend on the head. I generally play rock music with a lot of changes in it. Think Fuel, Blink 182, Something Corporate, Sick Puppies. But also some heavier stuff like Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle and Seether.

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Thanks again for any suggestions!
I have the VK but for distortion I use a BBE Crusher distortion. so it's 71's telecaster deluxe->BBE Crusher->VK's clean channel.

And if you got the bucks...2 amps would be great in your occasion (something like Tom from Blink uses.)
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