I couldn't find a good website on this topic using a goggle search, so I came here.
Now when it comes to jazz I've been pretty much entirely exposed to the big band variety - don't get me wrong; I love it and think it's amazing, but there are waaay too many instrument to compose stuff for for a dude at my level (whatever that means lol). I have had to compose stuff for my school (the annual own-composition project), but they've all been small bands (mine has been one of the biggest with 6 people - it was a reggae piece) granted I've achieved A-level marks for my inventions. So - since it would seem that small combos are my thing - I've been looking to compose some small combo jazz pieces. But alas! I have a problem! What instruments to use??

My rhythm section is pretty much fixed: guitar, piano, bass and drums and maybe an auxiliary percussionist (yeah...that's quite a large rhythm section - but then again that's my specialty!)
But now, what horns can I add into the mix? I have options of saxophones (alto, tenor and maybe baritone), trumpets (Bb) and trombones (concert pitch).

So...now that I've waffled quite a lot my question really is what are some popular and/or good small jazz combo combos that consist of 10 or less people? (specifying what instruments are or can be used as well)

Suggestions would be awesome!
You can do a small jazz combo with the Rhythm section:
Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums.

Usually when I compose a small Jazz Combo piece, I have a Sax, Trumpet, and Trombone.

Because, I like the sound of horns :p

But, honestly I try to think of the sound you want, and what instruments best create that sound. When you get that down, choose from there.

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you can use any and all.
a good mix is trumpet, trombone, alto, tenor if you have them available--but really as long as you write it well, it doesn't make a big difference what horns you use.
all the best.
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