I'm bring one of my guitars abroad and I can't afford a hard case and the only soft case I have is in use. I was thinking of removing the neck so that the guitar is two parts, and wrapping them with bubble wrap and putting it in my clothes suitcase. Will this effect the way my guitar plays or will there be any long term implications for doing this?

Also it has a double locking bridge
as long as your trip is a short trip i think it will be fine. more than a month like that my impact the truss rod.
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The only problem I could think of would be the truss rod, as well. If you use heavy strings (11's or higher), you might have to let it set for a day or two after bolting it back on. Also, if you are going to a different climate, where the humidity and temp is way different, it's gonna flex anyway. bring a truss rod wrench with you just in case. If it's an OLD guitar, and the neck's never been removed, it might be a little different. Also, watch for shims between the body and neck. Your intonation will also be a hair off, but that's easy to fix with your tuner. Just don't try to bring it on as carryon luggage-the TSA guys will flip out over the neck-especially if it has a pointy headstock............
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Thanks, nah it is only an 8 hour trip by ferry and from Ireland to England isn't much of a climate change also I only use 9's. But what kind of problems should I expect from the truss rod and how will I know if its been effected and needs adjusted?
Based on what you said, there shouldn't be any problems occuring. However, you mentioned a ferry, and ferry means water, and water means moisture, which could affect your neck, but not necessarily damage it. When you take the guitar out of the "case" first check the neck off of the body to see if it is straight. If it is slightly warped or bending, you will need to adjust the truss rod. To check, look down the fretboard from the headstock to the heel, and it should be obvious whether the neck is bent or not. If it isn't, then your good to go.
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so long as its a bolt on it should not be a problem as far as how it re assembles. truss rod shouldnt be fussed around with if you chose to do this. only part tat should be a problem is a. tuning it back up. b. if you go to put he neck back on and a molecule of some sort gets between the neck and the neck cavity. after building them i can say anything in the neck cavity besides your,well , NECK,; will be TROUBLE!
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