Looking to either trade or sell my ESP SV standard that is in mint conditiion other then the few minor scratches that my have come from my belt at the back of the guitar that is hardly noticeable. It comes with strap and strap locks attached. Also including whammy bar and case with it, I have just restrung this guitar two days ago with DR 10-46 tit fit, I have put lemon oil on the frets to make them look much nicer and put some finish cleaner on it to clean up the guitar.

I am looking to trade this for a Jackson King V2 or Jackson RR1, please let me know if interested or I am looking to sell for $1800.

Email me at hbrenden@hotmail.com and I can send you photos of the guitar if your interested, as my photos are too large to attach to this thread.

Thanks for your interest!
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ESP SV standard
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