Obligatory penis pun that you probably proudly predicted, you pedantic prick.

There. **** your puns, alliteration, mother****er.
Fuck that dude's mutilated ****, what the hell is going on in this picture on the side bar?!?!?!


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It appears that there has been a bit of a cock up.
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That sucks. But by the sounds of it, it was a pretty gross thing in the first place, with a fungal infection AND a cancerous tumor!

Just for thought, if he didn't, and the guy died, wouldn't the doctor be liable, and then able to be sued?
should have gone to springfield hospital...

killing is my business... and business is good
um. as much as cancer sucks, especially on your dick, i don't think a couple hours will make a difference. i think they should've woken the patient up and conversed with him. i mean, it's not as if it was his appendix ... it's his johnson.

if i were the guy, i probably would've had them partially amputate my dick. but i would've wanted to make that decision myself. not just have it be done to me and wake up to half my dick missing.
I'd be pissed if some guy chopped off part of my dick for any reason! If the doctor had asked if he could chop it out then it'd be different, but what if the guy wanted to do his wife one last time??
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