I am buying an HT-5 in the next couple of days. I can also pick up a used Tube Screamer for $25.

My question is, knowing that the HT-5 is a hybrid amp, does an overdrive pedal still have the same effect with the SS preamp section. I have played the HT-5 quite a bit and know that I like the amp, but my local shop doesnt have the pedal.

Anybody have any experience with boosting the signal on hybrid amps. I know that on pure SS amps, OD pedals tend to be less effective and sometimes just add more noise to the signal.
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I had an HT-5 for a while and noticed that boosting the gain channel didn't have much affect. The lower you keep the gain the more effect it should have. But with the gain up a bit the signal is already saturated. $25 is pretty cheap. Is that a TS7?
the tube screamer will tighten up the gain more than anything. and dispite what people on here say it does help with a hybrid amp.
set the controls to:
drive: below 9 oclock
tone: to taste
level: all the way up.

i did the same thing to my randall rh300 hybrid amp. it was quite nice.
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Actually is the TS5 with an 808 mod kit installed. Obviously not an 808, but should be good for the price.
I've got an HT-5 and I boost it with an MXR zakk wylde and it definitely adds a bit of boost, I've tried it with a few others as well (boss, marshall, mxr, homemade) and they seem fine. what the above guy said is true.
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