last month i recorded my band's EP using reaper and a usb mic, and it came out pretty crappy. heres a song http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_9586040 . is there any way i can make it sound more professional? especially with the drums sounding so dull and flat. any tips on how to make it sound better over all?
i'm sure someone could recommend some proper drum micing tips, but you could improve the sound dramatically by mixing and EQing properly. In your song, the drums are too loud, the guitars don't cut through very well you can't hear the bass (if there is bass at all).
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well then you should be able to.

You could eq the drums for a start, also just master the whole thing. It doesn't sound like it's panned much either.

If u want u could send me a track and i could see what i can do...
well, i have no clue what im doing so i have no clue how to properly EQ the drums. and my drummer bitches like a baby when his drums dont over power everything. and there is bass, i have no clue where they went though. ill remix everything when i get the time. any tips on how exactly i EQ drums? i only had one mic so i cant do anyting special
cut 400hz out of the drum track and see if it sounds better, also just see where the snare and kick is in the frequency range and play around with boosting them or cutting them a bit.

basically just play around and do what sounds best.
To not put too fine a point on it, here is your situation:

"last month i recorded my band's EP using entry level gear, and it came out pretty crappy. I'm really inexperienced. is there any way i can make it sound more professional? "

The first thing you need to do is to do some learning (I know, that's what you're here for...), and then spend some time practicing.

As you do this, you will add more gear to your equation, and it will be better gear.

That combination will give you more professional results. Nothing else.

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