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anyway, first ever gig, only got to practice as a whole band for 3 weeks and we won the battle of the bands, so looking for some constructive criticism please

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Well, if you want constructive criticism, I don't know if it was just how the sound was set up in the room but the singer did seem a bit off key. Stylistically you can go out of key for more contrast, but usually done in a way that doesn't sound out of key. I always need to warm my voice up maybe try that? I'm no professional singer, people say I sound like Neil Young ha.
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Move around more, I am not sure who you are but the Lead Guitarist is the only exciting thing about the video. One thing I learnt from playing live over the last few months is that what you do on stage is a BIG part of your performance.
I play in a punk/hardcore-ish band and recently we followed a Hip-Hop act that had a huge crowd, we figured everyone would leave once we started playing but because we are entertaining enough to watch pretty much everyone stayed and watched our 50 minute original set.
The singer could definitely do with some breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups too, otherwise good job, most peoples first gigs are hell.
Thanks for the crit on my cover.

The singer is a little off, mate. Also the solo outro section was a little slower than the original, I personally think playing it faster livens the mood - it's the part where people jump around and shout, but you played it slowly. I'm not sure if it was intentional but I would play it faster.

Also agree, move around more! One of my main problems too, move around more and go crazy.

Other than that I really liked your cover and you should continue to play