Alright, the drums are quite well programmed, and the guitar has some quite interesting parts in places. But are you also using a bass to reinforce the sound in the lower frequencies? The main think you need to worry about is production, I think your guitars could come out much more, think about things like compression and post-eq (not sure how you're recording these tracks).
Lastly, your vocals could do with more presence and clarity. Your growls may be good but I can't really hear them well, because the guitars mix with them too much, so also consider EQ-ing properly.

Check out mine please, c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1474471
Thank you people.
M1554, you have a good ear. The drums are assorted loops I cut and pasted and added crash cymbals and mixed it all down on a number of tracks in mixcraft3. I'm using 2 guitars "one for left channel and one for right" and a bass guitar in the center channel . Lol, I'm no good at vocals and only do it because I cant find anyone else to do it...... This was really only a metal learning project "no one has been showing how to do this stuff, Ive been learning it all on my own" and was all in good fun. I shall work on my compression and other recording effects "I'm kinda new at" on my next projects. Thank you for your input and suggestions and all that, much appreciated! Q, When recording, how many tracks do you use per instrument or vocals?
Lol, haha, cool video. I like the ratatatatat on drums. I reckon you should use machine gun sounds, it'd suit the video (like KILL IT!!!!)
Haha, this is very weird. The riffs are kind of cool but this song just feels like it hasn't been thought through. I mean it's the same riff and beat all the time to the point it starts to sound very goofy. I don't know what to say except add more parts and learn to growl, lol.

Here's MY attempt at death metal:
I live near Lake Bodom WORSHIP MEEEEEEE

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LOL, for some reason the impression I get from you is like some wacky Frank Zappa of metal pulling pranks at the Grammys and telling crude jokes during interviews.