Hey folks,

Wanted to share my new little treat with everyone -- a beautiful Martin OM-21. A little background -- I've typically been more on the Taylor camp for years and have been chasing a more "full" sounding instrument that my 90's 710 dread and rosewood GA didn't have. Came across the OM Martins and was blown away by the bell-like lushness and sustain for decades. I've always thought my Taylors sounded "sweet" but this one sounds prideful.

Not quite here yet -- got it off of a forum member from AGF for a great price in mint condition, but here are the pictures from it that I have. Was very happy to stumble upon this deal since I was looking at a 000-MMV at GC for a while, but I feel I got much better value, guitar, and sound for the buck.

Solid sitka/solid indian rosewood; brown tortoise binding, standard X scalloped bracing. She's a sweetie!

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