This is really really good man!!! I love the phrasing. Great job dude! The sound quality is very professional also. Id give this a 10/10. The guitar playing is great, the backing is good too. What do u use to record?
To answer the question above :I use MAGIX studio 2004,Line 6 POD xt for the rythm guitar,Blackstar HT dual for the lead guitar and the intro ,Digitech Genesis 1 for the second lead guitar .For the bass : An Aria pro 2 + POD xt .For the drums : I programm a drums loop with the free ware virtual drum machine "HotStepper" ,add somme drums free samples (LaGrosse) into it .I forget some thing : The guitar : an Axxis OLP ( a chineese guitar liscensed by Ernie Ball),not expansive at all ,I would say ,one of the cheapest electric guitar I have : I paid 128 euros for it ,but it was a second hand bought instrument and I like it very much .
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