Hi there,

My guitar Fender US Highway One HSS had the following pickups:
. 2 single coils Fender Usa standard (Alnico 3 probably)
. 1 Humbucker DiMarzio Steve Morse DP200 Bridge

I wanted to improve its sound to get something more dynamic and expressive (single coil) and warm (humbucker).
So, I mounted the following:
. 2 Fender Texas Special
. 1 Humbucker Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck TB4

From an electrical standpoint, everything was OK (coils working, no noise), but the sound of the texas specials was really flat, metallic, without thickness and dynamicity...
Although I know that the output level of the Texas specials is lower than the US standard pickups, I was really disappointed.
I have tried to unwire the humbucker to see if it was the source of the issue, but no improvement.

Was it due to the caps on the pots?
Try adjusting the height of the pickups.
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