Hey all,

So I'm in a guitarist in a hard rock band, with a vocalist, bassist and drummer - the way we have it at the minute is the bass guitar and drums set the foundation of a song, then the guitar riffs differ from the main beat/rhythm of the song to sort of push it forward, then the vocals on top. I think this is the way Black Sabbath do it, my question is - is this way common, or is it better/more acceptable to have the guitar, bass and drums all match up and play the same stuff?
Do both depending on the song. I'll go with something well known for this example:

Sweet Child O Mine: The bass line is what really sets the rhythm for the song and the 2nd and 3rd guitar layers add to the effect because of the chorus (effect).

Back in Black: Obviously the guitar and the drums lay the foundation here.
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if the music is good ,who cares. no right or wrong way (or prefered) at all. i do both myself. (see profile for tunes)