Hey guys. I'm looking into getting a custom guitar built to my exact specs. Pretty much my dream guitar. I've contacted one guy here on UG that quoted my $2300 because of the custom inlays i want. I was wondering, do you guys know any independent luthiers that i should look into or contact for a quote? I'd like to know your experiences from having customs built. Thanks for any help

and BTW, I live in the US, and i really would like to keep it under $2500 if possible.
$2500 will get you semi customs, maybe a custom, or in on a run.

I would recommend looking into:

Bernie Rico Jr

Although be aware all of them will be around the 3000+ dollar mark.
Hmmm. If you were in Australia I'd say have a look at Mandali Guitars (that's where I had help making my first build) but I have no idea in the US. Good luck though.

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When you're on any kind of budget your best bet is to look locally. We can't help you with that. Check local listings, se if there's anyone in your area. If you start looking nationwide then you'll have to factor in bigger postage costs, possibly tougher communication. And people will often give you a slightly smaller quote if you're there in person. Especially if you want anything really custom like special inlays, stick to local dudes.
Its basically a Gibson V shape but with the ESP Thin U contour, 24 frets, 25.5" scale, custom Inlays, And a custom finish. It's pretty much my dream/sig guitar. Like i said i asked one already and was quoted $2000 without inlays, $2300 with the inlays. I also want on OFR, EMG 81X/60X combo, one volume one tone, and a few other things to that i want out of a guitar. Not a custom shape or anything but i can't find anything with exactly what i want and i don't want to compromise. Buuuuuut I did just recently have a look at Caparison guitars and they jumped out at me. Particularly the Horus >.> but i want to have this first guitar built professionally built

I would, but i live in the middle of nowhere Tennessee and there aren't any luthiers i would trust to build a quality instrument honestly. Which is why i've started looking on the web
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Try Matt Artinger in Emmaus Pa.
The guy is unreal. His builds have been in Premier Guitar Mag.
I have used him. You will lose your mind with this guy
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There used to be a guy in San Diego named Scott Matteson, Scott's Guitars, that did some really awesome work. Don't know if he's still around or not but check him out, he used to make '58 Gibson V replicas that could fool experts at first glance.
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AXEFAN, think you could PM me his contact info? An e-mail address would be infinitely helpful sir also, what kind of custom did you have made and how much did it run you?