So I was just sitting here in my apartment late at night practicing for my band audition tomorrow. I was using my beloved american standard strat from 2009. Suddenly my strat started going 'BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR'. No notes coming out, just one long stream of noise as long as it's plugged in. It sounds like an amplifier does when you touch the end of the jack cable instead of plugging it into something. What's wrong? Something went loose under the metal plate with the jack entry hole I think. I tried screwing the plate loose to see what was underneath but I don't know what to do. I see two wires, a white one that seems to be in place and a black one that's severed at the end and just seems to be lying down there by itself. Is the black wire supposed to be touching the end of the jack cable as it goes through the hole? I really really hope so! I don't want to have to use another guitar for tomorrow. Help would be monstrously appreciated!

It looks like the black wire was wired to a little plate on the one side of the entrance hole of the jack cable, with the white still being in place on the other side. Is this correct? I don't have a welder, so what do I do???
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Your wiring sounds fine. Sounds to me like you have a bad cable. Try using a different instrument cable. If that doesn't work make sure the white and black wires aren't twisted around each other (for visual aid, think of a DNA strand) They should not be twisted. Hope this helps!
gotta get it welded back on there dude, look up schematics instrucitons and pictures online, maybe you can use electric tape as a temporary fix?

always tighten the nut with the jack out of the guitar so you can hold the front and back or you will spin and rip off the wires.

if a wire ripped off, go to radio shack and buy a soldering iron kit and follow instructions on the pack.
heat the connection black ground wire goes to inner most lug.

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