I am on my feet all day when I'm at work and need a chair that would be good for guitar practice. Something that is so comfortable that I won't need to lie down in bed just to relax. Im hoping for some sort of computer chair as I play in front of my computer alot, only problem with the chair I have now is that the arm rests are not detachable. I want something that could be comfortable sitting in hours at a time without the need to get up and stretch. Any ideas? Or personal experiences?
I don't think it matters too much. I too sit in front of the computer a lot when I practice. I would say to just go out and try chairs and pick the one that suits you. Mine has arm rests and they don't get in my way. In fact they'll help when you play for long periods of time because you can rest your elbows on them as you play.
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if you play classical style the arm rests aren't a big deal. otherwise you'll want something without them
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Definitely not a computer chair or chairs with any type of cushion seat or arm rest. For me it must be hard, low and firm otherwise its uncomfortable.