Poll: longest you've gone without listening to music?
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View poll results: longest you've gone without listening to music?
less then an hour
6 8%
an hour to a day
44 59%
a day to a week
16 22%
over a week
8 11%
Voters: 74.
yeah i never turn it off. in the car, when walking and at home music is always playing.
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ever, probably a few days, but in the last few years probably not even an hour, over then when i sleep, i listening to music in the morning, all day at college, on the bus, litterally all the time, i actually get withdrawal symptoms from not listening to music for too long lol
the longest ive gone?

about 2 hours, then it gets boring and sore, so you really want to finish
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aparently i ar smrt?
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jimmybanks youre a genius

sorry for spelling and grammer it's 20 to 3 in the morning and i'm really tired XD
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Oh you.
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I make music sometimes.
I don't listen to music while I sleep, shower, or play story-driven videogames.

I do listen to music while eating, watching TV, playing Minecraft, reading, or just sitting doing nothing.
Including John Cage's "4'33", I have been listening to music non-stop for my entire life.
Hours at most. I find myself literally craving music, after a while.
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Funny you ask. I've been kinda tired of music lately. (Yes I know, OMG WTF HOW COULD U MUSIC IS MY LYFEE <3) Other than ambience that is. It's been a couple of weeks since I listened to something that wasn't ambient.
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