I just got my Ibanez S520EX today with a ZR tremolo system, but I have no idea how to tune it. Atm it's in drop D, but whenever I turn the knob (E string) by the bridge to go higher (standard E), every other string goes out of tune...How do I tune my guitar?
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Still no idea what to do

Well, you can start by reading the thread in the link I supplied. You need to know how a floating trem works before you start making adjustments.
You have to make sure everything is balanced underneath with the thumb wheel. Do all of the major tuning adjustments with the tuners (not the fine tuners on the bridge), lock it, and then see if the bridge sits flush (not leaning forward or backward) with the body. Use the thumbwheel in the back to find the balance so it is in tune correctly but flatly angled. Then, use the fine tuners to adjust the tuning after everything is locked down. You might have to do some intonation adjustments, but judging from the fact you aren't really sure how the adjustments on a floating trem are done, I wouldn't mess with it... not being mean, just obliging you not to mess with it unless you're sure you know what you're doing (the intonation I mean). And check W4RP1G's post... it's informative as hell... I just tried throwing it into words...
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