heres link to song NEED HELP WITH THE TAPPING PATTERN (only 15 seconds long)


this kid on utube did a cover of the song I'm alright originated by neil Zaza ... in this video clip some parts were different from the neil's. ok i pretty much know the song its just a matter of me practicing it .... i kinda just need help with ths 1 part that is 15 seconds long where he is tapping cant quite accurately figure his tapping pattern if anyone could help

ok when u click that link skip to 2:28-2:43 of the vid (unless u want to hear the whole vid) where u see him begin tapping

Ok now for those who are willing to try it out i will tab the notes out for u from what i can hear

Now to me it sounds like

(everything is all on the HIGH E String)

12 - 0 - 7 (4x fast)

9 - 0 - 5 (4x fast)

7-0-4 (4x fast) then 7-0-2 (4x fast)

2nd half the tricky part .....( keep index finger on 7th fret)

14- 7-16-7-12 (fast4x)

16- 7-1-7-12 (fast 4x)

14-7-16 -7-12 (fast 4x)

12-7-14-7-11 (fast 3x)

So there u go i did the hard part now all i am tryng to figure out is THE TAPPING PATTERN EXACTLY ? is a fun song btw and if u guys want tabs for it i can help to so anyway THANX ALOT , I KNOW THERE ALOT OF GOOD GUITAR PLAYERS ON UG.COM SO AM SURE SOMEONE WILL FIGURE OUT THE PATTERN SOON AND IF NOT THANX FOR TRYING ANYWAY = )
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
anyone ?wanna give it a shot
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said