I dont know the technical term for them but every once in a while I'll see a tab that will have a measure of 8th notes... but there is sometime notes that appear smaller on the tab view and are used for very quick notes like hammer ons and pull offs. I am trying to tab my song and I need to use them but I have no idea how to do it. Anyone have any idea?

so like the smaller notes will be like 3 notes in a hammer on/pulloff technique, appearing smaller on the staff than normal notes and only takes up 1 8th note's worth of time.
Probably grace notes. Highlight the note you want to add it to, and press G, and it will bring up a menu to add stuff.
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Edit: I'm an idiot. Should have read that better.
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oooooooo I think it is the grace notes!!! Thank you SO much this will make my head hurt a lot less tabbing my own stuff!

And its cool for suggesting the tripplets... I can see how you thought that with a quick read.
ok so after messing around with them I am a little confused on how to properly use them.

The only options I see are "on the beat" and "before the beat"... what if I need it after the beat? say I have a:

grace note, normal note, grace note (hammer on and pull of, taking the play of an 8th)

How do I input that? I think i have see it done before.