***** This is in no way an advertisement for Carona/sponsored or funded by Corona or for any kind of profit *****

Basically, I've been wanting to do a telecaster build for... forever, and I happened to stumble upon this:


(sorry if big pics are big)

and got some inspiration for a build - as follows:

Regular tele-body. Probably solid poplar or pine (not an ideal choice of wood, but cheap and readily available).

-Maple neck and fretboard
-Grover tuners
-TOM style string thru or classic tele bridge from GFS, vintaged and/or worn
-control plate, vintaged and/or worn
-2 HB's, vintaged and/or worn

Now its called the Corona guitar because I was given a large tin Molson Carona wall unit, from which I should be able to shape at least a couple pickguards. The first build will be sure to have either Corona or the Corona Crown taking up most of the pickguard real-estate.

Colour is undecided as of yet - will either be a natural blonde finish with the white/blue/yellow pickguard and chrome/rustycolour hardware, or the above with a burgundy colour in place of the blonde.

This may take a while to get updated - looking for suggestions right now. I am almost going back to school, but I will have access to tools so I'd like to do this over the course of the winter. I'll post as it progresses
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that top tele is amazing, dual HBs and a liscence plate pickguard, i wanna play some bluegrass on that
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The tailpiece on that first one is very clever.

Poplar isn't actually that bad for a body wood. It sounds quite similar to alder. The earliest telecaster prototypes were made of pine, and squier make a vintage-themed pine tele now. It's decent but a bit soft and might not hold screws as well as a hardwood.