I am selling my H1001 which is in great condition and I am the original owner. I had the AHB3 blackouts professionally installed and they also setup the guitar to Drop C. They installed a battery gate on the backplate which makes changing the battery a breeze, no screwdrivers or anything needed. This guitar is amazing, one of the best setups for drop tunings ( a la Killswitch Engage...etc). I am selling it because I have quite a bit of gear that needs to go to pay for school. This guitar new was about $850 not to mention the $200 pickups and setup costs. I also put on a $10 truss rod cover that goes well with the finish. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask. No low ballers. I dont mind hanging on to this guitar if I dont get $500. My ebay profile is azfc13, I have over 120 transactions with a 100% feedback rating so no dishonesty here. Thanks and have a good day!

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Trade for the guitar in my sig? If you're in Arizona you're not far from me since I'm in Las Vegas.

If you're too lazy to check out the link, it's an ESP LTD Alexi-600 SE. Was $1200 new. It's missing the black volume knob (fell off when I was rocking my face off a few years ago lol) but obv that's a stupid replaceable part and a little bit of paint missing no bigger than 1/4 inch in diameter (it's small as f**k is the point)

I have the original ESP case that was specially made for the body style too (shit was another $110 -__- )

Let me know
I havnt been on much lately. If its the Alexi 600 I would have to pass. I'm going to buy another bass with the sale of this guitar
...are you still selling/trading this guitar?

I have a Dean Razorback, which i would possibly trade, so let me know what you think about it - i bought it for a bit more than € 1200,- and now I'm trying to sell/trade it.

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Beautiful guitar! Be willing to trade for my black cherry h1001 plus cash from me? I'll even pay shipping, etc. My guitar is like brand new. Haven't played it since I found a white ec1000.
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You willing to trade? I have a B.c. Rich Mockingbird Special I would trade i am the original owner. Paid 700 for it in 07 and havent really played it. I just recently picked it back up. No scratches at all still plays really good, im just looking for that style let me know.