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My channel footswitch stopped working the other day and I have tried to use three other ones, one worked for one evening and now Im stuck on my clean channel and no footswitch will change to my lead. It has to be in the footswitch input but does anyone have any idea what it could be or how much this is going to cost?

thanks guys for your time.

I would try to clean the input jack (and the other input/output jacks while I was at it) with some contact cleaner and maybe pull the amp out of the chassis and see if it is mounted directly to the board and has become loose/unattached. If so, take it to a tech and pay the usually small bench fee to get his prognosis on how much it would cost to fix. BUT if it was me, I'd sell the amp and buy something better ; )
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You can test it yourself by plugging a cable into the socket and manually shorting the tip to shield. If it uses a stereo phono plug shield will be common and tip and ring will be for the two functions (if it has two). If it switches by shorting the cable then you need a new footswitch.
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what do you mean shorting the tip to shield?

and a 1500 dollar amp isnt good enough? jeesh, im about to just play my acoustic haha.
Shield=sleeve (and ground) which is the long silver shaft part. The tip is the small conductor on the tip of the plug. If it's a stereo (TRS) then the plug also has a ring, which is another conductor between the tip and sleeve.
It just has a single one input footswitch port. it doest have two. Its crappy because there isnt a manual switch, which pisses me off.

So correct me if im wrong, but I will need to take a cable, plug it in the port, and then touch the other end to metal to short it? and if it switches its the footswitches problem, if it doesnt then its in the head and is going to cost out the ass to fix?
No you need to connect a cable and short the tip to the sleeve and see if the channel changes.