Basically as the title says. I graduated from high school this past June, and during the summer I have recorded songs I wrote that span my time there. There are 9 songs and the whole album is free to download. The only instruments I used were an acoustic guitar and my voice (with a good sized chunk of over dubs).


I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think
Listening to the first track, and I definitely dig it. Been meaning to do a similar thing... release all my high school songs chronologically :P Keep up the good work man. Def downloading.
Listening to the whole album, but so far VGD is great. It's got a great indie kind of folky feel to it. Definitely going to download the whole thing and give it a listen. How did you record this?

If you could check out this thread and vote on one of my band's songs, I'd really appreciate it.
American Circus
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