I don't really know anything about guitars, but I was thinking of grabbing a squier affinity starter pack it comes with an amp and gig bag. Is this a good deal? http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/3276/Guitars/Guitar_Packages/Fender_Musical_Instruments/Affinity_Special_FM15G_Pack_Black.htm I am on a tight budget so I can't really go over 300. Also should I avoid danelectro distortion pedals? I need a distortion pedal for dirt cheap like 20 bucks, and the danelectros are the cheapest ones.
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It's a squire starter pack so it's gonna be crap. But it is still one of the best deals someone picking up the guitar can find.
You've been a member for almost a year and you're asking this question?

wtf trolling? no I was being serious lol

il just pick it up anyways, thanks.
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I've quit this forum a few times.
I've bought and played that starter pack before long ago.

DO NOT get that pack for 2 reasons.

1) That amp is atrocious, seriously. It does cleans mildly well, anything with distortion sounds like white noise on your TV.

2) The guitar itself is OK, the electronics are not. The neck and frets felts fine, the pickups should never be put on any guitar, ever.

With your budget, try and buy used. Buy a used mexican strat or a Squier Class Vibe are very good choices that can be played without changings anything, or hell a Yamaha Pacifica 112 is a better choice.

If you still feel you want that pack, just buy the Affinity by itself and buy some cheap pickups(GFS, etc..) and put those in.

Pick up a suitable amp used. Mustang I, Vox, Cube, Vyper... etc.
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If you're not trolling, then here's some info:

The Affinity out of the box is an OK starter guitar. Later you might want 1-3 more frets, but then you'll be SOL. If you can live with 21 frets (like if you don't play Nirvana or Metallica or other stuff that creeps up the neck) then you'll later want better hardware and pickups. And that's OK, because it will take them well.

The amp that comes in that pack is garbage. You're really better off buying an Affinity separately, and getting a Fender Mustang I or a portable VOX for your amp.

The Affinity might need a lot of setup work before it plays well, and the necks are sometimes hit and miss. I've seen many with necks better than MIM Strats.

If I were you, I'd save up a bit longer and get a Blacktop Strat with the Floyd Rose. That's probably Fender's best bang for the buck right now and it's one of the few Mexican strats with 22 frets.

Or get the cheapest Ibanez RG you can find with an Edge III trem. That should have 24 frets and can be fricking awesome once you swap out the electronics someday, if you don't f-up the trem by doing (or letting a "pro" do) something dumb like adjusting the action while the strings are under tension.
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his name is drummer, might be a drummer perhaps? lol.

I'd recommend getting the laguna pack, wont get a better starter kit. just throw away the wammy because its garbage lol.


way better then that thing lol. stays in tune pretty well for me. looks way cooler, the amp is better too (even though its a spider which everyone hates). ive had no problems doing sweeps or intermediate solos on it really
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^ That's over TS's budget dork.

I own a 20th anniversary affinity strat. and it's a decent guitar. If you have a good amp then you can get some nice distortion from it.

I would stay away from that pack. Buy the guitar used. It will typically run you 100 bucks or so, then buy either the Fender Mustang amp, or a Peavey Vypyr 15 (either amp is 100 bucks)
Then use the extra money to get the tuner, cables and what ever else you need.

Note: With the Peavey or the Fender amps you don't really need distortion pedals since you already have loads to choose from on the amps themselves.

Doing a quick search on Guitar centers used section I have found Squier Affinity's with 5 star ratings for 60-100 bucks. The one for 60 was the fat strat in red with a 5 star rating.
If you decide to go used, you may even want to get something a bit nicer.
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yah great guitar for the value. depends what u want it for. its an easy platform to upgrade for your needs.
Jetwash thanks man I really wasn't trolling haha found a decent ibanez rg within my price range, it's much nicer then the affinity. Especially Allucard you are the man, the mustang is an awesome little amp and perfect for what I wanna do. Glad I asked you guys before buying that starter pack, cheers.
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I've quit this forum a few times.
No worries mate. Oh don't forget the new guitar day thread when you grab your gear so we can see it.
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In the end, the only question is: what bass would Jesus play?

I think he's a Fender Jazz guy.